All About Mann Alive

Follow me, Alex Mann through a journey of self-discovery through the articles and posts on Mann Alive and you won’t be disappointed. This site is all about sharing my journeys with you, bringing you summaries of research I’ve done and bringing together great travel articles and inspiration from others too. I believe that travelling is all about feeling alive but that doesn’t mean it’s all about adrenaline junkie trips! Not at all, there’s loads of different ways you can tailor your trips to make them as fulfilling as possible for you. Mann Alive is all about arming you with knowledge and providing you with inspiration so you can get exactly what you want out of every holiday, weekend away and once in a life time trip no matter what your tastes.

That being said, we are going to get started by looking at two or three of my favourite adrenaline fuelled activities that are great as part of a tour or vacation.

Sky Diving: Michael Kerkering’s music video (below) for ‘FOALS – A life in the ocean’, gives us some great clips of skydiving along with a great track that beautifully presents the feelings of adrenaline but also peace that come with the sensation of skydiving.

Kayaking: Once you get past the beginner’s stuff and move on to kayaking as an adrenaline sport, you’ll start to want to compete with the big guns. When this happens, you’ll be tackling real challenges like waterfalls that are several hundred feet high! There’s little to compete with the sensation of soaring through the water, out in the open air and defeating challenges that really pack a punch.

Safari: Ok so like kayaking all safaris are adrenaline filled thrill rides but pick a great safari with a chance to get up close to some of the Big 5 and you might be surprised to find out just how much of a heart racing experience you get from being up close and personal with some of the mightiest creatures on the planet.

Join me soon for some more detailed, guides and lots of inspiration for making the most of your holiday time.